Windows or Mac Tutoring

Would you like to improve your skills with your desktop or laptop computer? Whatever your desire it is to learn more about: be it how to turn on the power or how to build a website... Whatever the program is, chances are very good that we can help!

Tablet or Smartphone Tutoring

Phones and tablets are essentially like miniature computers that fit in your pocket. Let us help you to learn how to harness the amazing technology that you may even be carrying with you on a daily basis.

Electronics & Peripherals Tutoring

From the latest Smart TVs, TV boxes, sound equipment, gaming systems or cloud-connected printers, let us help you become comfortable in the driver's seat when it comes to your electronic devices - whatever they may be.


1-on-1 Tutoring

We offer one-on-one tutoring that is customized to the individual. We work with you at your level of knowledge and experience with the device that you desire to gain knowledge about, and we customize our tutoring based on where would be the next logical step in your learning process to achieve your goals.

Small Group Classes

We offer small group classes with the options of focusing on one particular program to learn on together, or with a customized lesson for each individual, but with the tutor's time divided between students as evenly as possible.

Business people using digital devices isolated on white background

We Travel To You

We find that meeting customers in the place they feel most comfortable (e.g. home, coffee shop, etc.) provides the best atmosphere for learning. We also find that learning on the device in the location that you use it the most is helpful in the learning process. Also, if you reside within the Moose Jaw city limits, we cover the cost of our travel!