What Electronics can you help me with?

While we generally only repair desktop and laptop computers (both Windows and Mac), we can help you learn how to use or install the vast majority of electronics on the market today.

From smartphones, to tablets, to printers, to stereo equipment, to TV's, there are simply too many devices to list. The easiest way to see if we can help is to give us a call and ask us about your specific device.

What if Gentle giant can't help me?

If it is clear that the device is outside of our knowledge, we will strive to connect you with a local business that does more specific knowledge and experience with the device or program in question. If this is discovered by the technician upon travelling to you and speaking with you in person, then there will be no charges to you for the service.

Do you require criminal record checks?

Yes, all of our technicians are required to obtain and maintain yearly criminal record checks from the Moose Jaw Police Service.

what if a technician is sick?

If a technician is sick, they will always inform you before travelling to your residence or business. Whether it is a flu or a cold, we realize that some of our in-home customers are more vulnerable to sickness than others, and we want to take every reasonable precaution to help keep you safe and healthy. Also, all of our technicians to date have voluntarily received yearly flu vaccines.

Where did the name "Gentle giant" come from?

When folks meet our founder, Mike, often their first comment is something along the lines of "my, you're tall!" Mike stands 6'5", and is quite large in stature, as well. Most people only need to spend a small amount of time with Mike before they realize what a patient, caring, and gentle soul he is.

Do you provide a discount for seniors?

Of course! We provide a 20% discount off of all of our services for anyone who is age 55 or over.