Our Story

Our business began with a dream that flowed from our founder's desire to meet a growing need that he saw (and that he was already trying to meet on a volunteer basis): the need for everyone to be empowered to overcome their technological hurdles.

Our Philosophy

We approach technology like the old proverb:

If you give someone a fish, you will feed them for a day, but if you teach someone how to fish, you will feed them for a lifetime.

We would much rather equip people to be able to handle the challenges of technology than to simply fix the problem for them. This philosophy flows out of our desire to help others to meet their goals; it doesn't matter if that goal is how to turn on their new device, or the goal of building one's own website, we love to enable and equip people to succeed.

Meet the Gentle giant

Since we are just starting to make our mark on the world, our team currently consists of one man: our founder.

Mike Gardiner

Founder & Technical Support Specialist

Mike is first and foremost a man that cares about others, and will gladly put the well-being of others above personal profit; while this does not make him a great businessman, this speaks strongly to his high regard for love, honesty, and integrity.

Mike has been helping others with their technology problems for just shy of two decades, and recently had the opportunity to realize a dream that was two decades in the making: starting his own business so that he can spend a much larger amount of time helping others, as well as helping to put food on the table for his family.

Mike's other full-time job is being the primary caregiver for his two beloved children: Ellie (2015) and Lucas (2017), and while he is quick to point out that it's the hardest job he's ever done, he will also emphasize that it is a job that he treasures and appreciates more than he can express.

Mike has a university-level Bachelor of Arts degree from Briercrest College & Seminary, but has also held a variety of jobs, and has gained a large amount of knowledge and experience over the years from jobs in the industries of technology, service, human services, as well as jobs for various registered charities. Mike is always increasing his knowledge of the ever-expanding world of technology by taking courses, and learning from a host of mentors that are highly qualified in their respective fields. If Mike can't solve your technology problems, he will be just as happy to get you in touch with one of his many connections in his network that is more specialized in the specific field of technology that is required.